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My Father's Day gift came in the mail today!

The packaging from UDC Canada was absolutely awful. They placed the saddle in a plastic bag. Then, they placed the saddle and the unwrapped seat post in this flimsy shipping box. The bolt from the bottom of the saddle had punctured the box. I wasn't very happy when i noticed that the threads of the bolt had been slightly marred. When you spend over $30 in shipping alone, you expect whatever you are ordering to be well-packaged and arrive in perfect condition! Totally unacceptable.

Installation: I measured the distance of my current seat post setup before cutting the new seat post. Bad idea!!! I didn't take into account the difference in height of the two saddles. No big deal, I didn't cut off that much...maybe an inch. This could have been a problem.

I ride with aero bars, so I quickly realized that I wouldn't be happy until I took off the handle so that I could raise the T-bar to the proper angle. Now I just have to adjust my hand position when mounting. No big deal.

I put the saddle in the position where zero grooves can be seen in the rear. I definitely prefer this position the best. I went on a small 3 mile ride. Like others have stated, this saddle is going to take some time to adjust to, but I already know that I'm going to like it better than my old saddle (KH Fusion Street). My favorite feature of this saddle is the more natural Q factor. My knees noticed the difference after this ride. Below are some pictures that I hope will help someone.
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