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Originally Posted by Johann3s View Post
From March - August next year I will do an internship in Copenhagen. Therefore I am searching a room to live in (preferably in a shared flat). I am trying different Facebook Groups and sites like housinganywhere etc.. but actually this is not very successfull.

Do you know someone who might have a room for me? Any other advice on how to find a proper room in Copenhagen?
Hello Johannes

I just answer here so you don't write into the empty space. I can probably not help you directly, but you might try these two sites, that unfortunately seems to be only in Danish:
(DBA: Den Blå Avis ("Die blaue Zeitung") = a buy+sell homepage.)

In this one you can choose English.

Bolig = Wohnung
Værelse = Zimmer
Leje = Miete

I wish you good luck with your search.

Best regards,
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