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Day 5

Well, let's start with the positive. The new tire is skinnier than the rim, so leg armor was pretty much optional. No rubbing or dragging or snagging of the armor. That was SWEET! The wheel is also lighter-don't think that really effected learning, but walking back up the path to start down again, and again, carrying it, was easier. That about wraps up the positive.....

Ok, a tire that skinny is extremely hard to stay balanced on top of!! Huge difference-which equated to a huge step backwards. Now maybe once I have it down, I could handle and appreciate the smaller profile, but for now, it set me way back. It looked much more like circus riding with me teetering back and forth from rubbing one leg to the other. NOT PRETTY!! I also decided to attempt going up hill on the incline to see how that did--pretty much impossible at this juncture. I did take a little air out of the tire and that helped a little--leading me to.....

--Conclusion: I need a "townie" style tire. Wider than my rim but without all the "mud knobs". That would offer enough of a surface to balance on, without grabbing my armor or legs.

Still loving the process and the chance to learn something new. I can't wait for a decent day to get back out and continue practicing!!
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Old 2019-02-09, 04:05 AM   #17
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Excuse or needed change?

Ok, so one time I set out to teach this middle school kid how to ride. Every time I worked with him it was one excuse after another.
-This road is too bumpy
-These shoes are slick
-The tire is a little low
-I'm just tired today

He never learned to ride. He "tried" off and on for months and months.

So, as I let everyone know about my 3rd tire, I am reminded of the story and questioning in my own mind if the tire is an excuse. Or is it like Goldie Locks and one was really too hard, one too soft and this is it. Well, hopefully soon we will know the answer. New Tire installed today!! Looking at it, I am optimistic, but that describes this whole process.
--First tire--mountain bike Knobby Kenda 26 x 2.10
--Second tire--street slick (other extreme) 26 x 1
--Third tire--(hopefully last) Good Year townie 26 x 2.125

Here are pics of #2 and #3
Updates to come....
Attached Images
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Location: Birmingham, AL
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Day 6+

Ok, FINALLY no rain or cold. Maybe spring will come??? I actually went out for a few minutes a couple of days after putting on the new tire. Not really enough time except to see if the tire would work. Today I got in a full practice.

Good news: LOTS
*Love the new tire.
*Size and shape much better than last 2.
*I even shed my KH leg armor. (Rubs a little on jeans but not enough to stop from riding.)
*Even with the large gap in practice time. Picked up right where I left off
*Got about 7 revolutions without touching the fence.

Great weather, lots of good practice. REALLY hope to have to figure out how to get a video in here before summer of how I am actually riding this thing.

Long term plan is still to pick up a light aluminum UDC 24 inch and put folding pedals on it so that it is very portable. Then plan to adapt a backpack so I can carry it with me (like and elastic "x" strap system that it will hang on the back of the backpack.

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build, ultimate, wheel

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