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Agreed, I made that mistake... soon after I could ride-ish I rode only off road for a solid year if not more. And it engrained all the bad habits so hard (weight not fully in the saddle, balance corrections with the upper body, back pedal pressure because riding behind the wheel and so on) that years later I still struggle when riding on the road.
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Originally Posted by finnspin View Post
Also guys, what's up with the "You should do Muni!" under every beginner post in this forum recently? Even if people have a very clear idea of what they want to do, it seems that someone is always trying to convince them that they should ride Muni instead, a bit odd I think..
...which begs the question, "Do beginners have a very clear idea of what they want to do?"

The first time I rode off-road, down a hill near my house, I felt it was the most awesome thing ever. I did not know I'd feel that way prior to riding down the hill...just to answer the question What's up with the "You should do Muni!"...?
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Originally Posted by Gockie View Post
Yeah, my opinion, leave muni till you can ride a uni with a hand on your handle the whole time, when you see rocks/tree roots etc, you must keep your hand on the sandle. You also want to have a decent ability to maneuver your uni. Muni is mentally and physically taxing and I think beginners shouldn't worry about tackling bumpy muni paths till they are proficient with smooth paths and can make all the turns they want while keeping a hand on the handle.
There is muni and there is off-road riding. My second uni was a KH26 muni and I very quickly took it to the forest. Because of all the pits and bumps I believe I learned to keep my balance quicker, even though I didn't at first have one hand on the seat. At some stage I felt like riding on sandy roads was easier than riding with the muni on paved roads, because there is more friction, especially when turning. Turning in sand is easier. Nowadays I like a mix of paved and sandy roads and do keep one hand in the air when off-road. So I'd say, let beginners do what they like when they feel they are ready.
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I'll be done with school in about 1.5 more years, at which point I'll have more free time--I live near the Santa Cruz mountains in California and we have awesome trails around here in the redwood forests, so I will try muni then.

But first I'll start with the road/bikepath riding. My goal is to upgrade to a bigger wheel by this summer. Strongly considering a 32...

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